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Since 2002, the team at Barber and Mann, Inc. has helped landowners across the Southeast U.S. protect their properties through conservation easements. Unique places that we’ve had a hand in conserving include an island in Perdido Bay, Alabama, a Tennessee limestone trout stream, world class migratory waterfowl habitat in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley, pristine mountains and wild rivers, a building site on a black water bayou in Biloxi, a natural meadow threatened by multi-use commercial development in Germantown, giant timbered Mississippi River islands, sawgrass saltwater flats, coastal wetlands along the Gulf of Mexico, longleaf pine savannas, native prairies, cheniers and riparian forests.

These special lands and waters will forever provide habitat for black bears, soaring eagles, gobbling wild turkeys, whitetail deer, bugling elks, migrating waterfowl and songbirds, massive alligators, spotted sea trout and gopher tortoise. We have heard their songs and touched their lives and in turn they have touched ours — in perpetuity.”  — Gerald R. Barber 2016

Barber and Mann, Inc. was founded in 2002 by Gerald R. Barber, ASLA, IAAO, MAE and Elizabeth Rooks-Barber, CWB, to provide specialized appraisal, real estate consulting, conservation planning and land planning services to clients across the Southeastern U.S.  Named for the Barbers and their mentor, Jack Kennedy Mann, MAI, CRE, the firm’s first mission was to fulfill the demand in the region for general appraisers who have extensive experience in valuing conservation and historic properties for unique projects such as conservation easements, estates, government land acquisitions.

egret with fishDuring his tenure at Barber and Mann, Jack Mann, (1919-2005), brought his 50 years of experience in selling, financing, developing, promoting and appraising real estate to the fore. In his career, he appraised all types of property, urban and rural, throughout the U.S. and Greece.  He served as President of the American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers and served as an instructor there, at the School of Banking of the South at LSU and taught Principles of Real Estate at Ole Miss.  Jack’s wealth of long-term expertise in valuing unique properties combined with Gerald Barber’s varied experience in real estate, land planning, government appraisals and ad valorem taxation have benefited our clients seeking appraisals for conservation purposes, tax purposes and estate planning and serve as a strong foundation for our Appraisal Division. Barber and Mann’s Appraisal Division also includes certified general appraisers Ray Kinney and C. J. Garavelli. Each has extensive experience in appraisal and appraisal review of environmentally sensitive real estate.

Our firm has evolved to offer other needed services to our clients including conservation planning, Yellowbook appraisals, landscape architecture and land planning, real estate counseling and brokerage. We offer unique professional services for clients requiring help with environmentally sensitive properties, rural recreational and timber lands, complex land use issues, family estates, federal and state land acquisitions, bargain sales, and IRS donations of land easements.

White-tailed deerBarber and Mann’s Conservation Planning Division is coordinated by Elizabeth “Liz” Rooks-Barber, a certified wildlife biologist, who specializes in conservation planning, grant writing, project and program management and facilitation, and wildlife consulting.  She has extensive expertise in working with non-government conservation organizations and natural resource agencies.

Our Land Planning and Landscape Architecture Division services include master planning, feasibility studies and marketing graphics. We have a special interest in natural areas, parks, and historic landscapes and gardens. The Barber and Mann Land Planning and Real Estate Development Divisions assist clients with land acquisition, site selection, architectural guidelines, brokerage and sales of special properties.

Barber and Mann is devoted to helping our clients find the right solutions for their special property. Our skilled and uniquely qualified staff is ready to help you with your appraisal, land conservation planning, project management and real estate needs.

Our symbol – The Leaf of Ginkgo biloboa

Ginko LeafThe Ginkgo or Madenhair tree is the best known living fossil related to conifers and the sole survivor of its ancient and formerly widespread family of Ginkgo trees.  Scientists estimate this tree has been growing for 100 million years.  This sacred tree was cultivated for centuries and is believed to have been preserved from extinction by Buddhists priest on temple grounds in China, Japan and Korea. It is a native of Southeast China and was planted on the East coast of the U.S. in 1784.  Today it is appreciated in landscapes across the Southeast as an unusual and lovely specimen with its wavy simple leaves and outstanding fall color.  But, it is also a very hardy and long-lived tree that is resistant to smoke, dust, wind, ice, insect pests and disease.

We chose the leaf of the unique tree for its beauty, and because of the tree’s reputation as a “living fossil”.  To us, the Ginkgo represents the qualities we try to emulate in all our work at Barber and Mann, Inc. – longevity, strength, symmetry and beauty.

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We specialize in appraising properties throughout the Southeastern U.S. for conservation, environmentally sensitive lands and those with historical significance. Types of appraisals and appraisal reviews we perform are for conservation and historic easements, charitable contributions of real estate and personal property, bargain sales, mitigation banks, federal and state land acquisition (Yellowbook) and those used for estate planning that may involve federal tax benefits to the property owner.  Our professional staff has significant appraisal, ad valorem taxation, real estate brokerage, forestry, wildlife biology, construction and land planning experience which leads to a better understanding of highest and best use of real estate and makes us uniquely qualified to assist you in making important decisions about your property. We also provide expert witness testimony, presentations on conservation easements and unique appraisal issues, and turnkey project facilitation on large and complicated appraisal assignments.

Barber and Mann appraised what is arguably the largest conservation easement charitable donation (in value and acreage) of land owned by a single individual and located along the banks of the Mississippi River.   From January 1, 2001 to June 15, 2015, we appraised over 400,000 acres of conservation land for our 170 clients with a donation value of over $510 million.

Our appraisal assignment areas extend from the Ozarks and Great Smoky Mountains to the tidal marshes of South Carolina and the northern Gulf of Mexico. Lands appraised include river and coastal islands, mountains, trout streams, barrier islands, coastal marshes, major river bottomlands, farmlands, forestlands, recreational properties, high-end developments, mitigation properties, public lands, historic properties, estates, industrial lands in reverse development to conservation, existing easements and many types.

For charitable, conservation easement or estate matters, it is critical to hire a qualified appraiser with a general appraisers’ license who has experience in valuing environmentally and historically sensitive properties. With an extensive data base of recreation, timber, wetland, island, agriculture, beach, river front and other property sales and an experienced and educated appraisal staff, the Barber and Mann team is prepared to help you with your special appraisal needs.

Resources and More Information

About Conservation Easements by Gerald Barber

Conservation Easement Appraisal Red Flags and Qualified Appraiser Requirements

Visit Land Trust Alliance website at http://www.lta.org, contact us at 601-957-3443 or email Ray Kinney for more information on:

  • Conservation Easements
  • Historic Preservation Easements
  • Charitable Contributions of Real Estate and Personal Property
  • Bargain Sales
  • Public Land Acquisition
  • Appraisal Review
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Conservation Planning

Organizational & Planning Support

Montana July 2014 268 (2)The staff at Barber and Mann provide organizational and planning support to private landowners, conservation organizations and natural resource agencies in developing landscape level strategies and projects for wildlife and fisheries habitat restoration, protection, enhancement and acquisition in the Southeast U.S.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Rooks-Barber, CWB, at (601) 957-3443.

Unique Professional Services Include:

  • Conservation planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Project design and management
  • Grant writing, research and management and administration
  • Technical and special report writing and communications
  • Meeting facilitation and organizational support
  • Baseline documentation for historic and conservation easements
  • Conservation land acquisition / protection / restoration planning.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Rooks-Barber, CWB, at (601) 957-3443.

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